Will marketing benefit your business?
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Advertising, that’s all the marketing we need to do, right?

Well, not anymore! Successful organisations now build strong relationships with their customers through integrated marketing plans. Advertising is just one element.

Our marketing expertise can help you research your market with competitive audits, intelligence reports, marketing workshops, focus groups, brand tracking, consumer research and even mystery shopper research.

We use simple and effective tools to ensure straightforward information that clarifies your marketing needs and helps you to outline future objectives.

We allow you to identify and utilise trends in the market including:

• Timings
• Frequency
• Channels of engagement
• Cross promotional activity
• Propositions
• Ask levels
• Innovation and testing

We'll help you in create more concise, creative briefings, and make sure that your teams have all the information that they need close to hand. Subsequently, you'll understand your marketing environment even better and won’t be left planning in the dark!

If you would like to discuss any of your Marketing projects, please feel free to either call us on
01235 250 500
or use the contact form here...

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Contact us:

23 Stirlings Road
OX12 7BB
T. 01235 250 500