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Graphic Design

Good design can make a difference to your business. Not only will it help you stand out in a crowded market place, good graphic design makes your business more memorable, helps build your image and how people perceive your business. Is there a difference between how your current prospective customers perceive you and how you'd like to be perceived?

It's vital that business owners understand how their visual impression can shape the opinion of their clients, for better and for worse.

Seven Design Associates have a long-standing track record of working with our clients on their visual communications to help them achieve their goals, on projects such as magazines, brochures, logos, websites, leaflets, business stationery and more.

We're always delighted to meet both new and existing clients and are interested to hear about upcoming projects that we can help them with.

Take a look at the samples here for a taster of what we've done in the past. And if you like it, why not call us on 01235 250500 or email so we can talk in more detail.

Don't forget your logo

Your logo, the face of your business, needs just as much consideration as the rest of your marketing activities.

  • Magazine Design for PDSA

    Companions Magazine is a communications tool used by the PDSA to keep in contact with their regular supporters who donate much needed funds to help their cause. The magazine is packed with useful information, news and supporters' contributions. When surveyed, readers overwhelmingly responded with how much they liked and looked forward to receiving their copy.

    How do you keep up to date with your customers? Want to find out more?
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  • Logo Design

    Modern or traditional? Hi-tech or classical? What colour? What icons?... What does your logo say about your business?

    It doesn't matter if you're a large corporate or a small micro business. As you can see below, we work with organisations of all sizes to help them develop their identities, improve recognition and, ultimately, add value.

    If you're thinking of setting up a business or maybe considering that your existing logo needs refreshing, don't hesitate to call us.
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    Logo for South Central Ambulance Service
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    Logo for specialist consultancy services business Consilium
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    Logo reworking for Wantage Town Council
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    Logo for Upton Wood Flooring
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    Logo for Billing Go Karting in Northampton
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    Logo for tour business, Discover Shakespears Way
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    Logo for vehicle safety device firm VTECH Systems
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    Tail Blazer dog walking business
  • Brochure Design

    We were delighted to get the call to work on a new brochure for the market town of Wantage recently. Following some excellent work by the Wantage Town Team, the brochure was one of a number of new initiatives aiming to boost business in and around the town. The brochure design was very well received by other traders, even as fas as getting feedback such as "Absolutely fabulous.............well done you! I LOVE IT!!!!!!"
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    In collaboration with town team members, town councillors, local artist Stuart Roper and photographer David Fisher, this project also saw us design new maps for the town and a leaflet encouraging people to continue to shop locally.
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  • Leaflet and Flyer Design

    In the days of websites and apps, you might think that leaflets are dead and buried. Actually no! Leaflets still prove popular as a simple and affordable way to attract new customers and win business.

    This concept often works best if you are a local business or service looking to spread the word about a particular promotion.

    Ask about how we can help with design, copywriting, and print and distribution to help you reach your local market.
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    Leaflet Marketing


If you would like to discuss any of your Graphic Design projects, please feel free to either call us on
01235 250 500
or use the contact form here...

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Contact us:

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