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About us

Back in the mid 90s when the UK was coming out of the recession, I was a fresh-faced designer eager to fine-tune my skills. During this time, my roles were many and varied: including taking briefs, creating artwork, and preparing film and plates for use in the printing presses. I also worked in Design Agencies and large print outfits, handling accounts for market leaders such as Tesco and Lloyds. All of this exposure proved invaluable and has helped shaped the experience that I rely on today.

20 years later, the one thing that has stuck with me is the importance of looking after clients properly. Call me old-fashioned, but really talking to clients, actively listening to what issues they’re facing and then finding solutions to deliver the results that they’re looking for, remain paramount in doing a job well done.

Knowing that I can help solve these issues and progress clients’ business – all within a realistic budget – continues to be an ongoing highlight of my time working in this industry.

Fast forward to today and, like many others, our industry has been revolutionised; the tools we use, the production processes, the time it takes – it’s changed almost beyond recognition.

And yet the concepts of marketing, the messages we communicate and the value placed on building long-lasting relationships with our clients have stood the test of time.

This outlook and client-focused mindset is one shared by the talented Seven Design Associates team who work with me. Our aim: work hard, get the results for clients, and make sure that we enjoy what we’re doing. Simples!

Let me introduce you to our team…

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Mark Baker (me)
Designer and affable networker who likes a challenge! 20 years’ experience delivering solutions across a range of print and web-based media for organisations large and small.

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Peggy Ley
Designer and creative concept master with ‘Big Agency’ experience. Develops exciting and prestigious print designs for brands, whatever their size.

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Matt Le Fevre
Our marketing guru. Having worked together for the past 10 years, Matt brings a wise head and years of experience to the table. What he doesn’t know about marketing isn’t worth knowing, as they say.

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Paul Kromer
A copywriting machine (although not in a Terminator sense!) with a love of language and communication. After a successful career in the medical sales and marketing industry, Paul provides our first class wordsmithery across a range of market segments and styles.

Complementing our quality team, we also have the tools to support and deliver high quality finished items, be it a hosted website or a printed brochure. For an amuse-bouche of what we can do, take a look at our Print Inspiration Brochure here.

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Contact us:

23 Stirlings Road
OX12 7BB
T. 01235 250 500